Jilin University “Golden Bean” International Students’ Scholarship

Jilin University “Golden Bean” International Students’ Scholarship

Scholarship Content:

JLU “Golden Bean” International Students’ Scholarship is sponsored by Jilin Province Golden Bean Industry Group Co., LTD. The scholarship aims to award excellent international students and encourage them to make contribution to the friendship between China and student’s country.The award, which is open for self-funded international students at Jilin University, offers scholarship for 30 students. The scholarship has a value of 2,000 RMB/person.


Applicant Qualifications:


1. Self-funded international students at Jilin University;


2. Love China and respect the Chinese law and rules, and the regulations and policies of the  University;


3. Be honest and trustworthy, diligent and hard-working at the University, with sound general performance;


4. Rate of attendance in the last academic year is no lower than 80% and academic records are within the top 5% in the previous academic year among international students in the same course, without any negative records of failure of examinations or disciplinary violation (Documents such as academic transcript, attendance rate, exam passing rate ranking and no-cheating record shall be provided);


5. With regard to contributions to scientific research, priorities will be given to applicants who attended academic conferences or published high-quality paper on international journals (Academic Conference proof or photocopy of published papers shall be provided).


Application date: From the notification date to deadline date


Application Procedure:


1. Applicant should log on the official website of the College of International Education (http://cie.jlu.edu.cn) and download the “Application Form of Jilin University Scholarship (Sponsorship) for International Students”. The Application Form, after being filled in, should be confirmed with signature by the Faculty of the applicant. All written documents (including the Application Form and relevant supporting documents) should be submitted to the Office of International Student Affairs of the College of International Education (Room 109, Friendship Guesthouse).


2.  The College of International Education will set up a panel jointly with concerned departments for assessing and reviewing the applicants of Jilin University Golden Bean Scholarship (Sponsorship) for International Students.


3. The assessment of applicants of the scholarship and sponsorship should be done in a fair, just and transparent manner, based on the merits of applicants.


4. Applicants whose documents are approved will be interviewed.


5. The final results of assessment will be released by the College of International Education, which will be also available on the website of the College of International Education.


Executive Authority: College of International Education



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