Business spoken


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单元1  音标


 02-Six meals a day!

 03-How to cook food?

 04-My father loves his goat.

 05-Hot or cold?

 06-Taste the pepper. It's bad!

 07-This shirt, not that shirt.

 08-The boy is riding a bike. She is watching television.

 09-The jeep is not cheap.

 10-The beer is there. Are you sure?

 11-My mother is a lawyer!

 12-The room is bright!

单元2  Starter

 13-Introducing yourself, Jobs

 14-I'm/ you're/ Are you…?


 16-Meeting people

 17-Companies and countries(1)


 19-Starting a telephone call

 20-Companies and countries (2)

 21-Your company

 22-We/They are/Wh-questions


 24-A company profile: Oxford University Press

 25-Responsibilities and departments

 26-Present simple:I/you/we/they

 27-Taking and leaving a message

 28-My department

 29-Company types and activities

 30-Present simple:he/she/it

 31-An order


 33-Food and drink

 34-can/ can't

 35-Inviting, accepting and declining

 36-An invitation

 37-Office technology

 38-Possessive adjectives

 39-Giving instructions

 40-Technology at work

 41-Transport and travel


 43-Arranging a meeting

 44-Traveling to work

单元3  Elementary

 45-Countries, nationalities, jobs

 46-Present simple/ Possessives

 47-Saying hello and goodbye

 48-The first day in a new job

 49-Progress Test 1

 50-Company types and activities

 51-Present simple

 52-Booking and ordering by phone

 53-My company

 54-Progress Test 2

 55-Location and company buildings

 56-There is/ are Some/ any

 57-Leaving telephone messages

 58-Choosing the right location

 59-Progress Test 3

 60-Technology and functions

 61-Adverbs of frequency

 62-Asking for and offering help

 63-In the warehouse

 64-Progress Test 4

 65-Documents and correspondence

 66-Past simple: be and regular verbs

 67-Solving problems

 68-A personal assistant

 69-Progress Test 5

 70-Food and drink

 71-Past simple: irregular verbs

 72-Making conversation(1)

 73-Making conversation(2)

 74-Progress Test 6

 75-Responsibilities and departments

 76-Prepositions of place and movement

 77-Showing a visitor round

 78-Showing someone around

 79-Progress Test 7


 81-Present continuous

 82-Arranging to meet

 83-Working routines

 84-Progress Test 8



 87-Comparing and choosing

 88-The Hilton hotel chain

 89-Progress Test 9

 90-Working in teams

 91-Present continuous

 92-Giving opinions


 94-Progress Test 10

 95-Air travel

 96-Going to/ Infinitive of purpose

 97-Staying at a hotel

 98-At the hotel

 99-Progress Test 11

 100-Calendars and schedules

 101-Present perfect

 102-Planning a schedule

 103-The Delhi Commonwealth Games

 104-Progress Test 12

单元4  Pre-intermediate

 105-Company Facts


 107-Introducing Yourself

 108-A Company Profile: Glasbau Hahn

 109-Progress Test 1

 110-Job Contact

 111-What are you doing?

 112-Giving Information

 113-A Worker's Profile: a Florist

 114-progress test 2

 115-Company Structure

 116-Asking Questions

 117-Preparing a Trip

 118-Antony Rowe Printers

 119-Progress Test 3

 120-The Development Process


 122-Giving a Report

 123-The British Inventors Society

 124-Progress Test 4

 125-Job Benefits

 126-Present Perfect

 127-Giving a Project Update

 128-Video CVs

 129-Progress Test 5

 130-Customer Satisfaction

 131-Making Comparisons

 132-Discussing a Meeting

 133-Participating in a Meeting

 134-Progress Test 6



 137-Confirming Travel Plans

 138-Business Travel

 139-Progress Test 7

 140-Orders and Deliveries

 141-Making Arrangement

 142-Making and Responding to Suggestions

 143-LoveFilm: an Online Retailer

 144-Progress Test 8

 145-Sales and Advertising



 148-Product Promotion

 149-Progress Test 9

 150-Green Initiatives

 151-Give 1 Get 1

 152-Asking for and Giving Clarification

 153-a Formal Presentation

 154-Progress Test 10

 155-Corporate Entertainment (1)

 156-Corporate Entertainment (2)

 157-Inviting Someone to a Meeting

 158-At the Restaurant

 159-Progress Test 11

 160-Evaluating Performance (1)

 161-Evaluating Performance (2)

 162-Describing Trends

 163-Company Performance

 164-Progress Test 12

 165-Global Issues

 166-Future Predictions


 168-Green Energy

 169-Progress Test 13

 170-Managing Time (1)

 171-Managing Time (2)

 172-Describing and Responding to a Problem

 173-Time Management

 174-Progress Test 14

 175-Business Coaching

 176-Giving Advice

 177-Asking for and Giving Advice

 178-Participating in a Meeting(2)

 179-Progress Test 15


 181-Change Career Path

 182-Giving a Personal Presentation

 183-Presenting Yourself

 184-Progress Test 16

单元5  Intermediate

 185-Episode 1 - Describing work

 186-Episode 2 - Networking follow-up

 187-Episode 3 - Introductions and saying what you do

 188-Episode 4 - Business networking

 189-Progress Test 1

 190-Episode 1 - Talking about projects

 191-Episode 2 - Updating and delegating tasks

 192-Episode 3 - Discussing actions

 193-Episode 4 - A team meeting

 194-Progress Test 2

 195-Episode 1 - Talking about work-life balance

 196-Episode 2 - Talking about past experiences

 197-Episode 3 - Exchanging information

 198-Episode 4 - Work-life balance

 199-Progress Test 3

 200-Episode 1 - Talking about services and systems

 201-Episode 2 - Making comparisons

 202-Episode 3 - Explaining how something works

 203-Episode 4 - An introduction to presenting

 204-Progress Test 4

 205-Episode 1 - Talking about customer service

 206-Episode 2 - Present tenses for future use

 207-Episode 3 - Making and changing arrangements

 208-Episode 4 - Customer service at the Hilton

 209-Progress Test 5

 210-Episode 1 - Business travel

 211-Episode 2 - Welcoming visitors

 212-Episode 3 - Touring the company

 213-Episode 4 - Cultural differences

 214-Progress Test 6

 215-Episode 1 - Security at work

 216-Episode 2 - Explaining and talking about changes

 217-Episode 3 - Present perfect simple and continuous

 218-Episode 4 - An informal presentation

 219-Progress Test 7

 220-Episode 1 - Teamwork and partnerships

 221-Episode 2 - Presenting and discussing plans

 222-Episode 3 - Talking about the future

 223-Episode 4 - Working across cultures

 224-Progress Test 8

 225-Logistics and supply chains

 226-Placing and Handling Orders

 227-Reported Speech

 228-A distribution center

 229-Progress Test 9

 230-Describing a Place of Work

 231-Making Suggestions and Recommendations

 232-Nouns and Quantifiers


 234-Progress Test 10


 236-First and second conditionals

 237-Confirming decisions

 238-A brainstorming meeting

 239-Progress Test 11

 240-innovation and new ideas

 241-Giving a Formal Presentation

 242-Superlative Forms

 243-A formal presentation

 244-Progress Test 12

 245-Breakdown and faults

 246-Discussing Problems

 247-Asking for help

 248-Product recalls

 249-Progress Test 13

 250-Describing Processes

 251-Planning Future Contact

 252-Passive Forms


 254-Progress Test 14

 255-Personal qualities

 256-Appraising Performance and Setting Objectives

 257-Past Perfect and Past Continuous

 258-Assessing staff performance

 259-Progress Test 15

 260-Success and Achievement

 261-Reporting Back on a Fact-finding Trip

 262-Contrasting Language

 263-How to be successful

 264-Progress Test 16


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