Renmin University of China “Belt and Road” Scholarship

Renmin University of China “Belt and Road” Scholarship

What is the Scholarship about?


This Scholarship is specialized in encouraging and attracting outstanding international students to come to China for studying and getting to know the Chinese Culture. This Scholarship is for one year and you will get the money all at once: The first place is 80000 Yuan, the second is 40000 Yuan and the third place is 20000 Yuan.


What field of Study is eligible?


All the master’s programs in English are eligible. In case the scholarship is not used up, students from other field of study can also apply.


Do I qualify for this Scholarship?


Only the students from the “Belt and Road” Initiative Countries can apply for this Scholarship.


When is the Application?


The application will open from September to October each year.


What is the application procedure?


First, check out the country list of the “Belt and Road” to be qualified for this scholarship. Complete the Renmin University of China “Belt and Road” Scholarship Application Form. You can download the form at: , complete it, sign it and submit the form to your School.


Second, each School will review the application and the supporting documents. An interview will be arranged afterwards. The final list of all the qualified candidates is based on the applicants’ documents and their interview performance. A preferred order of all the candidates will be marked on the list. Each school will submit the list to the International Students Office.


Third, the International Students Office will review the final list accordingly and release the final list.


What are the application documents?


Renmin University of China “Belt and Road” Scholarship Application Form


Recommendation Letter from the School


Who is in Charge for the Scholarship?


International Students Office




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