Italian (Italian: Italiano) belongs to the "Indo-European language family-Romance language family" and is the official language of Italy, the Vatican and San Marino. The broad sense of Italian includes Tuscany, Lombard, Sardinian, and Neapolitan. Italian, Sicilian, Venetian and other languages; Italian in a narrow sense refers to the standard Italian of Tuscany.

Italian is one of the most beautiful languages ​​in the world. Italian sounds very beautiful, people praise Italian as clear as a breeze, vocabulary like blooming flowers. Italian is also known as the language of art, and it is also the most musical language in the world.

As the medium of the great Renaissance culture, Italian had a profound influence on other languages ​​in Western Europe. Italian is the official language of Italy. Regular Italian is a dialect of Tuscany, and its pronunciation lies between the dialects of the southern half of Italy. The formal Italian has recently added a little accent from the economic center Milan. In the field of music composition, a lot of Italian words are also used, but in music, Italian generally omits the last letter or more for smoothness. Italian, like Latin, has long consonants.

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