Spanish for Tourism


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Unit 1 Tourism Spanish

 01-L1 [Special Edition] Getting to know Spanish and Spanish-speaking countries for the first time

 02-L2 [Preparation before departure] Visa, air ticket, hotel and luggage checklist

 03-L3 [Preparation before departure] Travel essential phrases (1)

 04-L4 [Preparation before departure] Travel essential phrases (2)

 05-L5【Travel】Departure from the airport (1)

 06-L6【Travel】Departure from the airport (2)

 07-L7 [Travel] During the flight

 08-L8 [Travel] Airport Arrival

 09-L9 [Small accident] Lost your luggage?

 10-L10【Accommodation】Hotel Check-in

 11-L11 [Small accident] Room facilities failure

 12-L12【Travel】Take the bus/subway


 14-L14【Travel】Car Rental

 15-L15 [Survival] Asking for directions

 16-L16 [Gourmet] Famous Western Food

 17-L17 [Gourmet Chapter] Gourmet Menu (1)

 18-L18 [Gourmet Chapter] Gourmet Menu (2)

 19-L19 [Gourmet articles] Restaurant order

 20-L20【Survival】Withdraw/Exchange Money

 21-L21【Recreation】Go to the beach

 22-L22【Leisure and Entertainment】Watching a football game

 23-L23 [Leisure and Entertainment] Go to the bar

 24-L24【Leisure and Entertainment】Shopping (1)

 25-L25 [Leisure and Entertainment] Shopping (2)

 26-L26 [Small Accident] Sick?

 27-L27【Small accident】Alarm/seek help

 28-L28【Tours】Madrid and its surroundings




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